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    • 2 Sep 2023
    • 4 Nov 2023
    • 6 sessions
    • Carderock National Recreation Area and Great Falls National Park
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    We are partnering with Sportrock Climbing Center for a 6 course outdoor climbing  program. This course will take club members through a 6 part developmental climbing program that will build climbers confidence and technical climbing skills outdoors. Climbing workshop include - Knot tying, belay training, and anchor setting, Outdoor Climbing Clinics will take place in both Carderock Recreation Area and Great Falls National Park, just 15 minutes driving outside of DC. 

    Meeting Dates: 

    September 2, at Carderock Recreation Area
    September 9, at Carderock Recreation Area
    September 23, at  Great Falls
    October 7, at Great Falls
    October 21, at  Carderock Recreation Area
    November 4, at  Great Falls

    All former climbing club members will also be considered for larger multi-pitch Seneca Rocks climbing opportunity after completion of this in-depth climbing program. 

    Cost: $100 (all gear is included) -All charges are final and go towards supporting the program.

    If this cost is hindering your ability to participate in this opportunity, please email Hello@soultrak.com directly for further assistance. 

    • 17 Sep 2023
    • 10:00 AM
    • 22 Oct 2023
    • Various Locations

    Soul Trak Fall Youth Adventure Cohort

    September 24, 2023 - October 22, 2023

    Soul Trak is excited to announce our Youth Adventure Cohort program for the Fall season. This program is designed for children between the ages of 11 and 14 who are interested in exploring the outdoors, building leadership skills, and learning about sustainability. Led by Soul Trak staff and program partners, each Sunday morning outing will be packed with exciting activities that offer students the chance to explore new environments and push their boundaries.

    The program consists of six sessions, and in order to be considered for this opportunity, we ask that students commit to attending 80% of program opportunities. Upon registration, applications will be reviewed to ensure that youth are able to successfully complete the program. Here is a breakdown of the program activities:



    Sunday, September 24

    Rock Creek Park

    Sunday, October 1

    Biking the Anacostia River Trail

    Sunday, October 8

    Paddling the Georgetown Waterfront

    Sunday, October 15

    Outdoor Climbing

    Saturday & Sunday, October 21-22

    Overnight Camping, Rafting, Zip-lining

    Through the Youth Adventure Cohort program, students will have the opportunity to develop important skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving, while also exploring their connection to the natural world. We believe that this program has the potential to be a transformative experience for students, and we look forward to sharing it with the community.

    • 4 Oct 2023
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 1611 Eckington Pl NE #150, Washington, DC 20002

    Soul Trak Social Bouldering Nights

    Bouldering Project-DC
    Wednesday, August 2, 2023
    1611 Eckington Pl. #150 NE
    Washington, DC 20002

    Join us at our monthly climbing nights at DC Bouldering Project. Climbing nights take place the first Wednesday of every month. The best part is, the first 25 Soul Trak guests receive free entry and rentals! Anyone after that will pay an entry fee of $25 but will receive free rentals.

    Bouldering Nights are a monthly event where bouldering ensusiasts can climb with others at their own pace and on their own courses with the support of Soul Trak Volunteer leads. 

    Everyone will arrives around 7:00 pm,  short intros at 7:15 pm and re-groups at 8:00 pm for photos.

    • 13 Oct 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • 5200 Foote St NE, Washington, DC 20019

    Come join Soul Trak to learn how to fix up bikes and make them ride-ready! Volunteers from The Bike House, a DIY bike repair clinic, will be there to provide assistance and lessons in basic bike maintenance. Bring your own bike to work on, or help us work on spare bikes. We will do some basic maintenance and get these bikes cleaned up so they can be used for future group bike rides. Soul Trak will provide cleaning and repair supplies and bike pumps, and participants will learn basic bike maintenance skills like how to patch a tube and clean a bike chain.

    When: October 13th, 6-8p

    Where: The Riverside Center (next to Marvin Gaye Park) 5200 Foote St. NE Washington, DC 20019

    • 29 Oct 2023
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Anacostia Park Boat Ramp Parking Lot

    Are you looking to ride a bike to commute, for exercise, or for fun through the city? Soul Trak and Washington Area Bicyclists Association (WABA) are excited to present Confident City Cycling, a class that teaches you the skills you need to ride safely and confidently on streets and in heavily trafficked areas.

    The first half of the class will cover important bike handling skills and hazard avoidance maneuvers necessary while riding in traffic. Participants learn skills such as the avoidance weave, quick stop, rock dodge and instant turn, and discuss considerations for sharing space with other road users.

    The class ends with an on-street group ride, where participants put their newly acquired skills to the test. Have any questions? Email us at education@waba.org.

    This class is for you if:

    • You know how to ride a bike and have experience riding on trails
    • You know how to ride a bike and would like to learn how to ride safely in traffic
    • You have experience riding in traffic but would like to learn more about traffic law and how to navigate tricky traffic situations

    Class Duration: 3 hours

    Equipment: Participants are required to bring their own bicycle and helmet for this class. Bikes must be in good working order. Interested in using a FREE Capital Bikeshare for this class? Email education@waba.org for more details.

    Cost: Free for Soul Trak members!

    Registration Policy: This event requires an additional registration on the WABA website. Once you've registered here with Soul Trak, please complete the WABA REGISTRATION HERE

    Be sure to show up for class 15 minutes before the start time.

    Directions and Parking:

    Drive to the end of Anacostia Drive. You will see the skate pavilion on your right. At the end of the road, the pavement will turn into dirt and you will see a sign that says “service vehicles only”. Your class will take place in the parking lot to the right of this sign. Instructors will be wearing teal polos.

    There is parking available at this location.

    Public Transportation: This location is a 15-minute walk from the Pennsylvania Ave L’Enfant SE Bus Station

    Nearest Capital Bikeshare: Anacostia Roller Skating Pavilion Station

    • 5 Nov 2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • 12 Nov 2023
    • 1:00 PM
    • United States Virgin Islands
    • 4

    Soul Trak Leader Service  Week - US Virgin Islands

    November 5, 2023 - November 12, 2023

    Soul Trak will be hosting its annual Soul Trak Leader Service Week again this year in the US Virgin Islands. The week will consist of exciting activities and workshops led by both Soul Trak staff and program partners. This is a great opportunity to deepen our bonding experience as a network of outdoor leaders, further our learning around leadership and diversity, and continue to engage in outdoor recreational activities that promote teamwork, skill building, and expand our tolerance for adversity. This program will be made available for the Environmental Leadership Cohort, College Ambassador Cohort, Soul Trak Volunteers and Soul Trak Members.

    We are partnering with the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park and will be part of their volunteer Trail Crew. The Virgin Islands National Park is on the Island of St. John.

    Featured Programs:

    Trail Maintenance
    Restoration Work
    Ruins Clearing


    Service Day:  8:30-2:30 pm 

    Sunday: Arrival
    Monday: Service Day
    Tuesday: Service Day
    Wednesday: Recreation day
    Thursday: Service day
    Friday: Service day
    Saturday: Recreation day
    Sunday: departure day

    Total cost: $250

    Cost: All programs, equipment, group meals, lodging, and ground transport will be covered but in order to ensure attendance for this exciting week of programs, we are asking you to cover the cost of air travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands. This payment will secure your spot in the service week program. Deposits/cancellations for this program are non-refundable under any circumstance. Deposits are sent directly to our travel agent who reserves seating for the days of travel. 

    Participants are responsible for booking their own airfare to and from St. Thomas (STT).

    Last day to register with deposit:  9/1
    Last day to book flights: 9/5

    Deposits are final and non-refundable

Past events

16 Sep 2023 Soul Trak Social Hikes - Hiking at River Trail Loop in Great Falls
16 Sep 2023 Seneca Rocks Multi-Pitch Climb (Climbing Club Alumni Opportunity)
6 Sep 2023 Bouldering Night
24 Aug 2023 Soul Trak Adventure Week - Moab, Utah [Soul Trak Member / Cohort Leaders]
19 Aug 2023 Beach Drive Bike Ride
4 Aug 2023 Wilderness First Aid/CPR Course
2 Aug 2023 Bouldering Night
22 Jul 2023 Evening Kayaking at Mason Neck State Park
8 Jul 2023 White Water Kayaking Club
8 Jul 2023 Soul Trak Social Hikes - Hiking Boulder Bridge
7 Jul 2023 Single Pitch Instructor Course
6 Jul 2023 Soul Trak Leader Service Week - Info Session
5 Jul 2023 Bouldering Night
24 Jun 2023 Soul Trak Summer Service Event
7 Jun 2023 Bouldering Night - June Pride Party!
20 May 2023 Hiking Brookside Gardens
13 May 2023 Seed to Soul Urban Gardening Day
11 May 2023 White Water Kayaking Club Info Session
3 May 2023 Bouldering Night
23 Apr 2023 College Ambassadors Present: A Calm College Kayaking Cookout
15 Apr 2023 Capital Crescent Bike Ride
5 Apr 2023 Bouldering Night
25 Mar 2023 Spring 2023 Climbing Club
18 Mar 2023 Hiking the Historic Fort Circle Trail
1 Mar 2023 Bouldering Night
25 Feb 2023 US Botanic Gardens Tour and Scavenger Hunt
23 Feb 2023 Local Black-Led Organizations Meet and Greet Social
4 Feb 2023 Cross Country Skiing at White Grass Resort
1 Feb 2023 Bouldering Night
19 Jan 2023 Soul Trak Volunteer Interest Meeting
16 Jan 2023 MLK Day of Service - Park Clean up at Marvin Gaye Park
14 Jan 2023 Ice skating on the Mall
11 Jan 2023 Bouldering Night
17 Dec 2022 2022 Soul Trak Holiday Party
15 Dec 2022 2023 College Ambassador Cohort Application Info Session
14 Dec 2022 Soul Trak Leader Service Week - Info Session
8 Dec 2022 Environmental Leadership - Info Session
7 Dec 2022 Bouldering Night
29 Nov 2022 SoulTrak Social: Giving Tuesday
19 Nov 2022 Hiking Brookside Gardens
16 Nov 2022 Soul Trak Leader Service Week - Info Session
15 Nov 2022 Environmental Leadership - Info Session
2 Nov 2022 Bouldering Night
29 Oct 2022 POSTPONED Soul Trak Fall Family Fest
22 Oct 2022 Soul Trak Serve - Habitat Restoration Day with Anacostia Watershed Society
15 Oct 2022 OV x AllTrails x Daily Growth Yoga Retreat with SoulTrak
10 Oct 2022 Support Trak: Hike- Picnic
5 Oct 2022 Bouldering Night
11 Sep 2022 Seneca Rocks Multi-Pitch Climb (Climbing Club Alumni Opportunity)
10 Sep 2022 Fall 2022 Climbing Club
7 Sep 2022 Bouldering Night
25 Aug 2022 Soul Trak Adventure Week - Moab, Utah [Cohort Member /Leaders Only]
20 Aug 2022 Soul Trak Serve - Wetland Planting on the Anacostia Waterfront
5 Aug 2022 NOLS Wilderness First Aid/CPR Course
3 Aug 2022 Bouldering Night
30 Jul 2022 Soul Trak Serve - Invasive Plant Removal
23 Jul 2022 Postponed Due to Heatwave-Soul Trak Paddle - Environmental Leadership Cohort
14 Jul 2022 NOLS Wilderness First Aid Info Session
9 Jul 2022 POSTPONED Hiking Brookside Gardens
6 Jul 2022 Bouldering Night
25 Jun 2022 Soul Trak Serve - Park Clean Up
18 Jun 2022 Juneteenth Weekend: Hike-Nic!
16 Jun 2022 Juneteenth Weekend: Sunset Paddle
11 Jun 2022 Hiking the Northwest Branch Trail
8 Jun 2022 Soul Trak Backyard Film Screening
4 Jun 2022 Environmental Leadership Cohort Goes Backpacking
1 Jun 2022 Bouldering Night
25 May 2022 Intro to Backpacking
14 May 2022 Hiking the Fort Circle Trail
11 May 2022 ELC Backpacking Info Session
30 Apr 2022 Miles for Soul Community Day
28 Apr 2022 An American Ascent Film Screening and Panel Discussion at Patagonia Old Town
23 Apr 2022 ELC Camping and Adventure Trip
16 Apr 2022 Soultrak Social Bike Ride
9 Apr 2022 Anacostia River Paddle
9 Apr 2022 Soul Trak Paddle - Youth/ Family Programming
2 Apr 2022 Spring 2022 Climbing Club
26 Mar 2022 Soultrak Serve - Park Clean Up @ Oxon Run
19 Mar 2022 Soul Trak HU Campus & Community Cleanup Day
19 Mar 2022 Soul Trak Social - Group Hike
12 Mar 2022 Postponed Environmental Leadership Cohort Group Hike
5 Mar 2022 Soul Trak Social - Family Hike
26 Feb 2022 Soul Trak Social - Park Clean Up @ Marvin Gaye Park
24 Feb 2022 Rock Creek Conservancy & Soultrak Lynchings and Biophobia
12 Feb 2022 ELC/CAC Indoor Climbing
10 Feb 2022 Soul Trak Leader Service Week - Virgin Islands National Park
9 Feb 2022 Black Outdoor Leader's Spotlight
5 Feb 2022 POSTPONED Family Program: Natural Dyeing Program
29 Jan 2022 Soul Trak Outdoors Ski Retreat
22 Jan 2022 Soul Trak Ice Skating Palooza
11 Dec 2021 Soul Trak Team Holiday Party
5 Dec 2021 2022 Environmental Leadership Cohort Info Session
5 Dec 2021 2022 Family Adventure Cohort Info Session
5 Dec 2021 Environmental Leadership Cohort's Winter Fest
15 Nov 2021 2022 Environmental Leadership Cohort Info Session
13 Nov 2021 Hike at River Trail, Great Falls
24 Oct 2021 Annual Family Pumpkin Painting
16 Oct 2021 Group Bike Ride
9 Oct 2021 Boulder Ridge Hike
25 Sep 2021 Soul Trak Service Learning Initiative
11 Sep 2021 Hiking The Fort Circle Trail
4 Sep 2021 Fall Soul Trak Climbing Club
26 Aug 2021 Soul Trak Adventure Week - Moab, Utah [Cohort Member /Leaders Only]
18 Aug 2021 Happy Hour Paddle - Soul Trak/Potomac Conservancy
25 Jul 2021 Hiking The Fort Circle Trail
24 Jul 2021 Bike The Park
17 Jul 2021 Group Bike Ride
26 Jun 2021 Family Program: Zip Lining and High Ropes Course
19 Jun 2021 Soul Trak Outdoors Juneteenth Celebration
5 Jun 2021 Local Fishing
5 Jun 2021 Group Bike Ride
15 May 2021 Family Program - White Water Rafting
25 Feb 2021 Black Ice Reel Rock Film Viewing
18 Feb 2021 AN AMERICAN ASCENT Film Viewing
10 Feb 2021 Soul Trak - Black Outdoor Leaders Panel
12 Dec 2020 Hike with Rock Creek Conservancy
28 Nov 2020 Turkey Trot
21 Nov 2020 Hiking The Fort Circle Trail
8 Nov 2020 Archery for Beginners
31 Oct 2020 Spooky Trail Run @Riverbend Park
24 Oct 2020 Annual Family Pumpkin Painting
17 Oct 2020 Group Bike Ride
10 Oct 2020 White Oak Canyon Hike
3 Oct 2020 Soul Trak Serve - October Earth Day
26 Sep 2020 Socially Distant Anacostia River Paddle
19 Sep 2020 Hike with Rock Creek Conservancy
13 Sep 2020 Socially Distant Outdoor Rock Climbing - 6 Slots
23 Aug 2020 Socially Distant Outdoor Rock Climbing - 6 Slots
15 Aug 2020 Socially Distant Intro to Natural Dyeing Class
9 Aug 2020 Sugarloaf Mountain Hike
2 Aug 2020 Socially Distant Outdoor Rock Climbing - 6 Slots
26 Jul 2020 Socially Distant Anacostia River Paddle
6 Jun 2020 Black Lives Matter - All Hands on Deck
3 Jun 2020 Virtual Soul Trak Circle
29 Mar 2020 Civil War Forts Historic Urban Biking
14 Mar 2020 Family DIY Kite Flying @ National Mall
7 Mar 2020 Halo Green Gardening
29 Feb 2020 Climb and Brunch
22 Feb 2020 Soul Trak Ice Skating
15 Feb 2020 Soul Trak Serve - Invasive Species Removal Project
8 Feb 2020 Rock Creek Doggie Hike
1 Feb 2020 US Botanical Gardens & Butterfly Pavilion
25 Jan 2020 Introduction to Indoor Bouldering Clinic
20 Jan 2020 MLK Day of Service - Kingman Island/Pop Branch Park Cleanup
7 Dec 2019 Afternoon Hiking w/ Outdoor Voices
3 Dec 2019 1 Year Anniversary Happy Hour Celebration
16 Nov 2019 November SoulTrak Morning Hike
9 Nov 2019 Soul Trak-HU/ASL Club - Rock Creek Park Gathering (Hike and Meditation)
26 Oct 2019 October SoulTrak Outdoor Dance Fitness
13 Oct 2019 Family Pumpkin Painting/ Give Away
12 Oct 2019 October Soultrak Ziplining
5 Oct 2019 October Soul Trak Morning Hike
21 Sep 2019 SoulTrak Paddle and Brunch
14 Sep 2019 September SoulTrak Morning Hike
31 Aug 2019 August SoulTrak Morning Hike
28 Aug 2019 Soul Trak College Ambassador Interest Event
10 Aug 2019 Soul Trak Outdoor Paint and Sip
3 Aug 2019 August SoulTrak Outdoor Dance Fitness
20 Jul 2019 SoulTrak Biking Outing
14 Jul 2019 July SoulTrak Outdoor Dance Fitness
6 Jul 2019 July SoulTrak Morning Hike
15 Jun 2019 Soul Trak Morning Hike
8 Jun 2019 Soul Trak Outdoor Paint and Sip
2 Jun 2019 Soul Trak Cookout and Roller Skating (FREE)
11 May 2019 Adult - Paddle and Brunch Potomac River
13 Apr 2019 Adult - Bike and Brunch C&O Canal
6 Apr 2019 College - Bike and Brunch C&O Canal
20 Mar 2019 Collegiate Film Screening/Info Session @ Howard University
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