Soul Trak Event Details 

Cross Country Skiing at White Grass Resort

  • 4 Feb 2023
  • 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • White Grass Ski Resort, West Virginia
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Base fee:
  • Soul Trak members, Cohort members, volunteers

Soul Trak Outdoors Cross Country Skiing Day
January 7, 2023

New Date: February 4th, 2023
6 am - 8 pm
White Grass Ski Area
643 Weiss Knob Ski Road Davis WV 26260

We will meet at 6am at a central location to take vans to the ski resort and back. Street parking is available near the meeting location.

Meeting Location:

Mordecai Johnson Administration Bldg, 2400 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20059

Registration deposit will partially cover the cost of transportation, rental equipment, and lessons. Food and any additional activities will not be covered on behalf of Soul Trak. 

Day Itinerary:

6:00 am Arrival - hot drinks, pack lunch, COVID tests

6:30 am Board bus, overview of day

10:15 am Arrival at White Grass

10:30 am Rental/Gear Outfitting

11:00 am Ski Lesson and Ski Time

12:30 pm Lunch at a warming hut

1:30 pm Ski Time

3:00 pm Rental Return

3:30 pm Departure from White Grass

7:00 pm Arrival in DC

Below are tips on how to be more comfortable on the mountain.

  • Wear warm pants and a jacket that is insulated, and wind / water resistant. While on the mountain, the weather can fluctuate and become cold and wet in an instant. Weather-resistant clothing will keep your body comfortable and dry regardless of the conditions.
  • Wear synthetic or  wool base layers avoid cotton products, as they are neither waterproof nor breathable. Synthetic material or wool works best. If it is very cold, then adding a mid layer over the base is suggested. A fleece, sweater, and other similar clothing will keep you warm on the mountain.

  • Insulated gloves or mittens are also very important ski items.
  • You should bring a minimum of two pair of ski socks, as you never know if you will need the second pair. Your socks also should be made out of wool or synthetic materials in order to keep your feet dry.
  • Bringing a backpack filled with sunscreen, lip protection, scarves, hats, medical kits, and other small items is also wise.
  • Bring a warm change of clothing to wear after snowsports.

COVID Protocol - All participants must have proof of vaccine/booster within the last 6 months, all participants who do not fall within these guidelines MUST schedule a COVID PCR test 2-3 days before the program with negative results and rapid testing on-site of the program.

After registering, please be sure to fill out the Soul Trak Participant Agreement linked HERE